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Classic Auto  
Renovations & Modifications

Welcome to our Classic Auto Renovations & Modifications tab, where we specialize in restoring and rejuvenating vintage vehicles to their original glory. Our passion for classic cars combined with our expertise in automotive restoration and modification allows us to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether you have a treasured family heirloom or a classic beauty that needs a revival, we are here to make your dream restoration a reality.

Here are some of our services:


Our team of skilled craftsmen and technicians is equipped to handle complete classic car restorations. From bodywork repairs and paint restorations to engine rebuilds and interior refurbishments, we meticulously bring your vintage vehicle back to its pristine condition.


If your classic car requires body repairs, rust removal, or panel replacements, our experienced technicians will meticulously restore the bodywork to its original form. With precision and attention to detail, we ensure that the body of your classic car looks as stunning as it did when it rolled off the assembly line.


The heart of any classic car is its engine. Our expert mechanics have extensive experience in rebuilding and restoring classic car engines. Whether it's a meticulous rebuild of the original engine or upgrading to enhance performance while maintaining the vintage aesthetic, we can deliver exceptional results.


The interior of a classic car is a testament to its timeless elegance. Our craftsmen are skilled in restoring and refurbishing classic car interiors, including upholstery, dashboard restoration, wood trim repairs, and vintage accessories. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure an authentic and luxurious interior finish.

and Finish:

The paintwork on a classic car is crucial for capturing its original beauty. Our team of paint specialists meticulously matches and applies the correct colors and finishes to restore the car's authentic appearance. With our expertise in paint restoration and refinishing techniques, we ensure a flawless finish that will make your classic car stand out.

Custom Classic Auto Modifications:

In addition to classic car restorations, we offer custom modifications. Our skilled team can assist you in transforming your classic car into a personalized masterpiece. Whether you desire performance enhancements, modern technology integrations, or custom interior and exterior modifications, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life .

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At Automobile Solutions Center, we understand the importance of a properly functioning electrical system for your vehicle's overall performance and reliability. Trust our experienced team to deliver exceptional electrical services that meet the highest standards of quality and ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule your electrical service appointment.

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